Quick Update re: CAP Exam Review Boot Camp – NVCC 8/22/15

Good morning.

I’m posting this information regarding the CAP Exam Review Boot Camp which I’m scheduled to lead at Northern Virginia Community College- Annandale Campus on August 22. (Registration is open)

Please note- this decision has not been made as to whether to move the course location.  If the Manassas Innovation Park campus is more convenient for you,  please go ahead and register. There is no other way for the Workforce Development group to know that a majority prefer the Manassas location over the Annandale campus.

Here’s the updated information I received on Friday.

  • If we have enough (LFCC and others) people willing and registered—> to drive to Manassas to do the class in PERSON w/ me– then I will teach the course on the Manassas INNOVATION PARK campus, and NVCC will notify the folks that have already registered that the course is being moved to the Manassas campus.  The parking at MIP is FREE!!! 
  • Otherwise, I will teach the class in Annandale 
  • Participants get much more from the class when they are able to clarify, ask questions, interact with one another.
  • Please forward this along to the members you’ve been corresponding with on this issue. I’d like to know sooner rather than later if I need to visit the Manassas campus to check my room set-up.
  • Lastly, the new materials, as I mentioned, really apply for both the 2015 and 2016 exams with the exception that the 2015 exam will not include social media questions.

The text that covers the majority of the material is  Stulz, KM, Shumack, KA & Fulton-Calkins, P. (2012) Procedures and Theory for Administrative Professionals.  South-Western Publishing Co.  Used copies are available through Amazon.

Any questions- please contact me directly or post a comment to this post.

Thanks! ~ Kemetia

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