You’ve Gotta Dance When You Can!


Yes. That’s me.

I’m dancing with my late father, Wm. T. Foley, Jr. (Or, as we lovingly call him in our family circle, WTF. or sometimes he’s known as the original FIC, Foley-in-Charge.) We’re at a family wedding. Having a grand time.

It’s the last time I recall dancing with my dad. He was battling cancer but was not about to miss a party, or a chance to dance. It’s that bittersweet mix of feelings that prompted me to post today, You’ve Gotta Dance When You Can! because when something brings you joy, jump in. Feel it. Recognize it and bless it for what it is.

The arrival of Executive Secretary LIVE conference in Washington DC brings me great joy. I love sharing my second hometown with colleagues and new friends. I felt a huge swell of pride listening to the oohs and aahs from first-time visitors while we toured the monuments of the city last night.  I still get goosebumps when I stand at the top of the Lincoln Memorial steps and look down over the Mall to the U.S. Capitol building.

I loved hearing the stories of what prompted attendees to come to #ExecSecLIVE DC and how so many of them did it on a whim, as a chance to try something new, something different. I had a chance to meet several people face-to-face that I’d only known via Twitter.

The formal part of the conference kicks off tomorrow. It’s a new crowd, a new network of friends. And, it’s a chance to learn something new. Or, learn lots of things that are new to me.  So when ES LIVE DC was announced, I knew it was a chance to dance,  an opportunity to feel that sense of community that can be so rare and one I couldn’t pass up.

If you’re an attendee, come find me. Make sure we meet. I met an attendee from Mauritius last night.  Mauritius! Admit it! You had to look up where it was, right? I know most people do. And I asked this attendee all about the travel from Mauritius to DC.  How often do we get to learn about our peers from other countries?  That’s one reason I love ES LIVE.  When I attend, I get to meet amazing people, hear inspirational stories. Learn more than I anticipated.

As I love to say, it’s a great opportunity to #KeepLearningKeepGrowing.

You gotta dance when you can.


Author: KMK Foley

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