CAP Exam Review Boot Camp

Thank you for your patience!

My CAP Exam Review Boot Camp course registration opens at 9:30am 11/22/17.  Seating is limited to 15 attendees in order to provide the best learning experience.

Remember, this is a review.  This course is not endorsed by the International Association of Administrative Professionals.  If you would like to talk with any previous boot camp attendees prior to signing up, let me know.

Who should sign up?

Candidates for the 2018 CAP exam (course does not cover any of the specialty exams)

Potential exam registrants who want to get an intense overview of the what content can be covered in the exam.

I encourage CAP candidates that are seeking a more in-depth, online course to sign up for Marie Herman’s study group ( I receive no monetary benefit for this referral.)

Course registrants should bring their 2017 CAP Exam Study Guide, snack food to keep energy up through the day and a notebook. That’s right. A notebook. Single subject, lined notebook. You’ll thank me later. Always suggested? Bring a water bottle, your laptop or tablet, your phone and phone charger.

I’ll be there with coffee in hand.day13

~ Kemetia


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