The Heart of the Matter

Hey folks.. just a few quick updates on the latest goings-on with this admin.

First, you may recognize that the #AugustDeskEscape fizzled here, but it didn’t die! Instead, it took on a new life and new leadership. Jannie Oosterhoff was incredibly successful with her facebook page and efforts called #EveryDayWalking so as that took off, I stopped posting about #AugustDeskEscape. The bad part was I didn’t communicate that well to anybody. So I apologize. The good news is that #EveryDayWalking is superb and fun and an active facebook group, so head over there to participate.

In other news, I have returned to full-time work as an executive assistant here in Maine. I’m thrilled to return to the work I find so challenging, interesting, and motivating. I’m sure I’ll have new stories to share.

And, in case you missed this fantastic news… I am involved with starting up the IAAP-Seacoast Branch. The branch will offer professional development, networking, and opportunities to reconnect with other administrative professionals in the Portsmouth, NH to Portland, ME corridor along I-95.

The goal is to host events in three different areas of the Seacoast in order to reach as many administrative professionals as possible. I look forward to sharing more details as they are available.

The heart of the matter is that I made some shifts in my priorities, and writing and training others had to wait. Here’s wishing you a very successful Fall 2019. Or, if you are in the other hemisphere, a very lovely Spring 2019. ~ K.

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