Checking in! How’s it going?

Nubble Lighthouse in Maine

Checking in! How are you doing? I write this blog-title sentence in an email or text at least five times a day. It’s the way I connect with family, friends, and colleagues. Lately, I’ve also taken to leaving voice to text messages as they’re more likely to garner a response.

Do you have a ‘thing’ you do each day to help you re-connect? Is it something that boosts your energy?

Almost at the end of the response is the question directed back to me, how are you? This is my opportunity to take a deep breath, think, and respond. I aim to respond with a positive and authentic response.

I had stepped away from blogging regularly. I made a goal this year to try and post at least once a month here, and submit an article for each issue of Executive Secretary Magazine for 2020.

So, I’m checking in! How’s it going? Almost through the first month of 2020 and are you energized, drained, concerned, excited? Do you have an event you’re looking forward to attending? A vacation? I’d love to read all about it. Feel free to share in the comment section below. ~ Kemetia


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