More about Kemetia

2020 headshot
Also known as the youngest of the five Foleys.

I love to tell stories. Real stories about challenges faced by humans in the workplace. My favorite stories are the ones that make you laugh so hard that you’re crying/laughing and gasping for air — all at the same time. I call those stories REDONKULOUS. (Thanks to 106.7TheFanDC Sports Junkies for this word!)

Methods, templates, and tips for efficiency are all great and important resources for our field. What about the reality of it? The messy dance? The ‘oh-God- I-hope-my-expression-didn’t-just-give-away-what-I really-feel-about the new (fill in company change here)’

Sure I can tell you about my education (BS Business Administration) or how many classes/presentations I’ve delivered– but what really matters to me when you leave my sessions? That you say, “She gets it. She understands the crazy of it all and just helped me change how I look at my workday.”

Oh, and you might just get a few ideas to implement along the way.  Feel free to visit my LinkedIn page to learn more about my skills, presentations, and feedback received on sessions.

2 thoughts on “More about Kemetia”

    1. I must’ve misspoke, Darlene. I head to Wellington New Zealand and Sydney Australia on July 5 for a couple of weeks. Then return to DC for IAAP Summit at National Harbor July 19 & 20. I’ll be sure to post on my experiences down under! Thank you for asking. Hope you are well. ~ K.

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