Administrative Professionals Day 2018

I think Jan Jones says it best here. I raise my coffee mug to the men and women that provide exceptional and extraordinary administrative and office support each and every day.

- For the exceptional assistant, this is not a job. It's a vocation. They've dedicated their life to it, and it compels them to greatness in the role.- - Jan Jones, the CEO's Secret Weap

Not as Simple as I thought!

So I started a challenge, actually two challenges. One was to get peers up and moving during the work week and named it the #AprilDeskEscape challenge. The second was to participate in SSSVEDA (or Vlog Every Day in April) challenge from Amy Landino.

Not as easy as I thought it would be for either. Mostly due to a lack of planning on my part. And, given it is the first time I’ve done either of these— I’ll go easy on myself.

The idea is to just try! Take that first step.

Now I am aware that the next time I want to do a fun project outside of work involving tracking hashtags and creating videos, I still have to plan out the time for it.

Do keep sending those posts though as  I am very encouraged by the participation.

~ K.


fitbit April 10
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Reflection Part 1: ES LIVE 2018


Good evening from Virginia.

I’ve had a couple of weeks now to think about my most recent presentation, Amplify Your Voice Through the Power and Potential of Storytelling,  which I presented at Executive Secretary LIVE in London on March 16.

I was incredibly moved by the attendee reaction at the conclusion—a standing ovation. I’ve been presenting for ten years now and that has never happened in all that time!

More important to me though were the comments made to me after the presentation and throughout the remainder of the conference.  So many attendees told me that they had been moved to tears, caught off-guard by emotions and memories brought to the surface, and happy to have a real opportunity to connect with other attendees through the different session exercises.


For this Presenter|Speaker|Teacher, it was incredibly rewarding to receive that feedback.  I never anticipated the session would have quite the emotional impact that it did.

I’m glad it was a different kind of session for so many. More on this to come as I pull all my thoughts together.  Thank you to all of the attendees for remaining open-minded, engaged,  and courageous.  #KeepLearningKeepGrowing

With gratitude,  Kem

What’s Your Story?

Let me tell you about ExecSecLIVE London 2018.

My session this year is about storytelling, ‘ Amplify Your Voice Through the Power and Potential of Storytelling’ and how it relates to the work we do, and the world around us.


I’m excited and filled with anticipation of how this session will unfold. It’s an amazing experience to see the faces of attendees when they reach that moment when they leave behind the ‘stuck in a session’ approach and fully invest in learning at the moment.  The opening dialogue can leave me feeling quite vulnerable.  As I mentioned in my promotional video this is going to be a collaborative and safe environment for learning.  No, it’s not about sappy stories! It’s about being honest with our challenges in the workplace, with the perception of our career field of choice, and sharing what we know to be our intrinsic strengths and qualities.

Most of all, I’m looking forward to the laughter. The joy. The synergy that occurs when like-minded, eager-to-learn dedicated professionals come together for professional development and networking.

Hope you will join us there.

~ Kem