Start from Where You Are, Again.

A funny thing (not really) happened this week.

I fell ill. Nothing serious. Just a bad sinus thing-y and an unseemly need for sleep. What was funny about it? Well, my husband of almost 22 years came down with it, too. In the time we’ve been married, my husband has probably missed a total of five days of work, maybe ten.

But, we both caved to the illness and took to bed separately because our snoring was horrendous! Normally both of us would have pushed through, gone to work, and been fairly useless to those around us. Teleworking is not supported in our respective employers. My company allows it in winter when the weather is nasty and no one can get on the road to work. But, I digress.

Being home ill forced me to rest, which led to getting a clearer head, which lead to a recognition that I’d been in a funk for more than just the time that I’ve been sick. It’s been months. I’m sure my friends noticed. I’m sure my coworkers noticed. No one said a thing. I guess they figured I’d work my way out of it. *Sigh*

So, it’s time to start back at where I am. For me, acceptance is the key to everything. Doesn’t mean I have to like it. Just means I acknowledge it.
You see, I had been blaming work, blaming my weight, blaming the weather.. (fill in the blank here)when in reality, it was just the same old melatonin/seratonin struggles in my physical body impacting my ability to give a rat’s ass.

So today here’s where I am. Sitting across the dining room table from my sick hubby, with a box of tissues between us and mugs of hot tea. I will continue to rest and let my physical body recover. I will meditate and write to help my mental well-being recover. It’s strange when the fog lifts from a depressive episode. It’s like, wow! where the hell have I been? I certainly don’t know. I just know I wasn’t here.

It’s time to start from where I am, again…and that’s okay.

~Lorraine Johnson

So, What’s New?

Connect with DC Metro area administrative professionals.

There’s plenty goings on in the DC Metro region this time of year — both to celebrate the the holidays and to get social.

For administrative professionals, we invest a ton of time in organizing our company holiday functions. But what’s new for us?

Did you know there is a local admin group– DC LAN – International Association of Administrative Professionals group?

We ran out of room for our first social event at Union Station on the 2nd of December.  Our next event is already almost at capacity — January 3 at the Champps in Arlington.

You don’t have to be a group leader to host an event. If your office has conference room space, we can get an educational or informational event to you. Professional development for administrative professionals! that is what IAAP is all about.

We have tentative educational events scheduled for March, April and May. And, we’re looking at offering webinars in early 2016.

Want to learn more about IAAP?  Check out their site at

And, if you are looking for a great network in the DC Metro region, reach out to me. We’ll get you on the mailing list.  I’m a volunteer for IAAP, not a paid staff member.  My goal is to help DC area admins create and keep a strong and resourceful network of peers.

And on a personal note, here’s wishing each of you a peaceful and joyous holiday season.  Hope to meet you soon.

~~  Kemetia MK Foley,  DC LAN Coordinator Volunteer – IAAP

Making Friends, Making a Difference

I love the internet. Okay.. sometimes I hate it. Mostly I love social applications and platforms. They allow me the opportunity to meet and connect with people all over the world. I can learn from them. I can share what I am learning on a daily basis with others.

So this is why today I’m participating with #NoKidHungry on #GivingTuesday (You can visit my site here Kemetia’s NoKidHungry page)

I connected with #NoKidHungry via Tim McDonald and learned about the efforts to not only raise money, but change they way we view hunger in the United States.  You don’t have to give money to make a difference. Time is sometimes equally or more valuable. Or, just helping to get the word out about an organization that makes a difference in kids lives each day.

So– if you know me– You know my love of coffee.  My love affair with coffee. Please consider making a donation today for this cause- in lieu of buying a cup of coffee.
Please visit the NoKidHungry.Org to learn more about this important effort.

If you choose to make a donation to #NoKidHungry of $25.00 or more through my personal site, I’ll purchase a personalized #DunkinDonuts coffee card (for up to 5 donors) for you!

Follow up from CAP Exam Review Boot Camp

Links and info referred to during our session on 8/22/15.

Mignon Fogerty – Grammar Girl

Lucy Brazier, Publisher & CEO , Executive Secretary Magazine.

Big Bean Counter (Gene Carboni)  on YouTube!  Fantastic reviews of basic accounting.

Marie Herman – Online training and review courses

Body of Knowledge for the 2016 -CAP exam. Or view the entire section on the IAAP-HQ website regarding the certification exams at

8/22/15 Boot Camp moved to Manassas Innovation Park Campus

From NVCC WDD Administration


It is confirmed; we are moving the CAP Exam Prep Boot Camp to Manassas Innovation Park this Saturday.

Students can now register and pay online at

I have also attached a link to the MIP website.  The address, directions and a map are on the webpage.

Once you get to the building, enter in either of the two doors marked NOVA Workforce Development. Once inside, you will see that it is a small, single floor facility with two interconnected hallways.  Room 134 is located on the far hallway.

Thanks to everyone for their patience and cooperation!


From Kemetia-

1) Dress comfy — but not pajamas-comfy
2)Bring a sweater — in case the classroom is cold
3)Students must register ahead. No walk-ins.
4) Bring drinks and snacks- It’s a long day — but fun. Don’t believe me? Just ask Tina Lustre,
5) that being said, if you need coffee– be sure to bring yours I’ve not taught at this campus before, so I promise I will have enough for me…but I don’t know what kind of caffeine options we’ll have there.
6) Bring your laptop or tablet if you have one. I’ll provide the handouts and the slides.

Look forward to seeing registered attendees on Saturday morning. ~ K.

Quick Update re: CAP Exam Review Boot Camp – NVCC 8/22/15

Good morning.

I’m posting this information regarding the CAP Exam Review Boot Camp which I’m scheduled to lead at Northern Virginia Community College- Annandale Campus on August 22. (Registration is open)

Please note- this decision has not been made as to whether to move the course location.  If the Manassas Innovation Park campus is more convenient for you,  please go ahead and register. There is no other way for the Workforce Development group to know that a majority prefer the Manassas location over the Annandale campus.

Here’s the updated information I received on Friday.

  • If we have enough (LFCC and others) people willing and registered—> to drive to Manassas to do the class in PERSON w/ me– then I will teach the course on the Manassas INNOVATION PARK campus, and NVCC will notify the folks that have already registered that the course is being moved to the Manassas campus.  The parking at MIP is FREE!!! 
  • Otherwise, I will teach the class in Annandale 
  • Participants get much more from the class when they are able to clarify, ask questions, interact with one another.
  • Please forward this along to the members you’ve been corresponding with on this issue. I’d like to know sooner rather than later if I need to visit the Manassas campus to check my room set-up.
  • Lastly, the new materials, as I mentioned, really apply for both the 2015 and 2016 exams with the exception that the 2015 exam will not include social media questions.

The text that covers the majority of the material is  Stulz, KM, Shumack, KA & Fulton-Calkins, P. (2012) Procedures and Theory for Administrative Professionals.  South-Western Publishing Co.  Used copies are available through Amazon.

Any questions- please contact me directly or post a comment to this post.

Thanks! ~ Kemetia