Rosanne Badowski.. One of us….

In Managing Up- Rosanne Badowski-Executive Assistant to
Jack Welch former CEO of GE.. tells what it takes to work for the top honchos..
WARNING… reality check.. if you’ve got kids.. or other time /family commitments.. it’s pretty tough to squeeze all the work in at that level… but.. hey.. I think anyone with enough caffeine might be able to do it.

check it out.. interesting read………and frankly.. you know she earned every penny…

How do successful admins survive change?

Organizational Change- It’s a given…. How do successful admins survive change?

Experience does matter. Attitude matters. Approach matters.

Here’s why it matters:

Experienced admins know when to pick a battle, intuitively knows when to stay away from the boss and /or co-worker who is pre-postal…

Attitude.. griping..begets griping.. if you are that miserable.. leave.. if not, shut up… and be happy you have a job

Approach.. better come with a potential solution to your beef.. ..don’t waste time by expecting a frazzled boss to solve your problems.. they are your boss.. NOT your parent. You.. are an adult (disappointing, no?) Take care of your own business!