Cocktails & Connections- DMV Style

My banner from 2016  APW

First, let me share a quick thought here about collaboration. I utilized the banner above on almost all my tweets, posts, pictures during this week. The hashtags represent APW themes from (in order) Office Dynamics, Executive Secretary Magazine and yours truly– all set to the IAAP background green! To bring attention to our career field, we must get the word out! More importantly, we must get the word out together!

So, what does collaboration look like? It means many administrative associations working together globally to represent the purpose and professionalism of our career field.  Funneling down, it also means communicating the value we bring to our companies to the organizations, suppliers, human resource and recruiting personnel within our business networks.

 Administrative Professionals Day – DMV Style

The DC Local Area Network for IAAP (International Association of Administrative Professionals) was hosted by our local Cambria Hotels and Suites.[Disclosure: DC Cambria provided meeting space and appetizers for our event. They also provided a separate cash bar for the event.] The hotel is part of Choice International brand.Their sales/marketing staff has been savvy enough to reach out to the IAAP members in several cities because they understand administrative and executive assistants frequently fill the role of meetings/events planner for organizations. This is particularly true for our field when it comes to board and committee meetings. Many of us are frequently in search of a modern meeting room space that won’t break the budget. Would I have visited this site without being contacted by their sales/marketing staff? Not likely. After touring I was convinced that this property (because of its Metro-friendly location and board room space) would be a superb resource for local IAAP members. Thank you to Lee Callicut, Jeff McClain, Ayesha Aurora, Lois Goldring, and the entire DC Cambria staff for the wonderful customer service and fantastic event.

Several attendees check out the roof top deck and bar at Cambria ( too cold for us to use it that day! boo hiss!)

Twenty-seven local executive suite administrative professionals and an executive assistant recruiting firm representative, representing corporate, government and non-profit organizations toured the property after a networking hour. We had two attendees join IAAP after attending. Door prizes for the event came from The Howard Theatre, ChocolateChocolate DC, and Clyde’s Restaurant. I hope you were able to catch some of my (@OfficeRenegade)periscope livestreams from the day of the event.

There’s an old proverb- Many hands make light work.  A heartfelt thank you to Joyetta Delaney, Janet Brake and Debbi Shaffer for your help during this event.

Thank you to my DMV (District|Maryland|Virginia) peers for coming into town and being part of our really fun Cocktails &Connections Event for Administrative Professionals Day.



Savvy Savings.. from an Admin Perspective

It doesn’t take a genius to realize that most companies, local as well as global, are scrutinizing budgets, making cuts to staff and canceling events to save money.

As an admin, we may have the opportunity or the perspective of seeing potential savings that others may not see right away. I think it is important to keep a little side log of the savings potential you think would help the company or your department. Every little bit of foresight helps you, your boss and your company. It could also come in mighty handy during that next review when a promotion is available or the financial picture starts to brighten.

Think about the areas we work in – on a daily basis- that would allow us to take a closer look.

Copy costs
Toner costs
Telephone costs
Office supplies
Temporary staffing services
Courier services
Cab fares
Promotional goods (mugs, company shirts etc..)

And, as the saying goes, :”Time is money.” If we can save our supervisors or team members even more time, we’re saving them money.

Just a thought that came across my noggin today I thought I would share.
Have a great evening.

What happens when turnover happens?

What is the impact of turnover – staff retention issues in your workplace? Does it mean more opportunity for you to shine? Or perhaps add more responsibility for same pay? Or, is it a real downer? What does it mean if it is seems to be a more constant issue than not?

These are important questions- because we are human. We are bound to respond differently based on our experience, our expectations and our environment.

I’m experiencing the 12 foot wall of water at the beach with only a 10 foot wall to protect me… What I mean by this is.. Yes, I’m going to get wet. I’m probably not going to drown.. but I may be uncomfortable for some time… either til the storm subsides or I’m able to get away from the beach!

This is my new experience. New job- started in March. First two weeks, immediate supervisor is out of the country; third week, in office; fourth week on travel for 10 days; fifth week, back in office for 3 days…then takes a 30 day leave of absence; today- submits resignation and is not coming back.

Whoa. So the questions I raise at the beginning of this post.. are as much for me as for anyone else.

Yet.. there are at least two more 12foot waves coming– the new supervisor and their expectations and the one down the road; executives that don’t need or want admins.– this second one is a topic for another blog, but I did meet two executives in board meetings this past week that did not see the value in having an executive assistant or admin. Hmmmm.

So ..lots to write about.. so stay tuned. First, my friends.. I have to get through my 20 year college reunion!!