Where Admins Come to Grow and Learn

I’m in Anaheim this week attending the International Association of Administrative Professionals Educational Forum and Annual Meeting.

More than half of the administrative professional attendees pay a majority or entirety of their registration, travel and costs to gain professional development educational opportunities.

There is nothing like being among apprx. 1500 of your closest peers. Our network is our strength as admins.. and we attend EFAM to build our skills and our network.

Courses on covering technology, management, personal development are offered all week. Members have an opportunity to utilize their presentation skills (self disclosure: I’m one of them).

I’ll be posting up all week.. thoughts and insights.  I’d love your feedback and thoughts.

Wishing you all a great week! #KeepLearningKeepGrowing

Why Every Administrative Professional Should Have a Twitter Account

I love Twitter.  As an admin… I love Twitter. As a sports fan, I love Twitter. As a news junkie, I love Twitter. I realize not everyone cares for the medium.That’s okay. Agree to disagree.

I believe that every single administrative professional should have a Twitter account. I’m not saying you need to post up your 140 character thoughts. You don’t have to. Yet, if you are looking for a streamlined resource of information from administrative professionals or folks in related-fields, then setting up a Twitter account and creating a ‘follow’ list of specific relevant organizations or persons needs to be on your to-do list.

You can set up lists that have only airline Twitter accounts or list that has all IAAP Twitter accounts, or maybe you track articles for your supervisor? Create a Twitter list for media. These are all helpful and generally super informative. You can always stop ‘Following’ any Twitter account that is not providing useful info.

Here are some of my favorites for administrative professionals — check them out.

1.  @JuliePerrine  [www.allthingsadmin.com]-  great admin peer and fellow IAAP  member
2. @MakeUseOf [www.makeuseof.com]  – software tricks/tips/ generally cool IT info
3. @DayTimerPage – [www/daytimer.com]  Some folks still love paper planners.. Don’t knock them.  Help them.! sometimes has coupons, sometimes new product info, mostly time and organizational tips
4. @LauraStack – [www.theproductivitypro.com] ]Well known productivity guru- 
5. @SocialFishFood -[www.socialfish.org] – Great resource on all things social media
6. @LinkedMediaGroup -[www.linkedmediagroup.com] – Another fabulous resource on social media and branding
7. @LucyBrazier [www.executivesecretary.com] -The London-based owner/editor of Executive Secretary Magazine
8. @Leadershipfreak [http://leadershipfreak.wordpress.com/]-  Dan Rockwell’s succinct and powerful leadership thoughts
9. @Dewoun – Dewoun Hayes- [http://adminhotspot.blogspot.com/] – Another fabulous IAAP member and fellow blogger for IAAP -EFAM in Montreal
10. @AvidCareerist –  [www.avidcareerist.com] Donna Svei has so much great information on resumes, job hunting, LinkedIn — I feel like I  know her!  Superb information.
11.  @LinkedIn – [http://blog.linkedin.com/] Great info on all things as they relate to LinkedIn®

Give it a try.. You just might like it!

Summer Hummer! And, I’m not talking about SUVs

I get so excited this time of year.  Summertime.  Although, I hate, hate, despise etc.. hot weather.  So, what’s to get excited about?

(hint: four letter acronym)

EFAM!  Educational Forum and Annual Meeting- International Association of Administrative Professionals.  I’ve been blogging since 2006, and last year was the first EFAM I’d missed in several years.  What’s the big deal?

Let me list the top ten things about being at EFAM this year.

10. I may spot Dustin Pedroia or Jacoby Ellsbury (See RedSox Nation)
9. Dunkin’ Donuts -EVERYWHERE!  
8. Will get to meet people that Tweet and Retweet with me.. @SuperPPN
7. Great keynote speakers! 
6. Supporting the Greater New England Division!
5. Convening with approximately 1,500 of my administrative professional peers
4. Triad Consulting’s session on Outlook 2007
3. Talking with other IAAP chapter leaders to get ideas, brainstorm and yes..sometimes kvetch.
2. Meeting the newer IAAP staff members


1. Getting in more networking and recert credits in three days than I can get done in an entire year!

As usual.. I will be blogging daily from EFAM.  However, it will be on my chapter’s blog (otac-iaap.blogspot.com).  Tweets will be from a more personal point of view.  

But the summer is humming with anticipation and excitement as I work with my chapter mates to get our 2010-11 program year pulled together; Get my kid off to summer camp (two week sleepaway!) and then vacation.  It’s a wonderful kind of busy.. that keeps me humming along.