Just a quick note about volunteering- part 1

So.. you’ve been asked to volunteer– and it happens to me alot because I’m outgoing, do a great amount of public speaking and can be pretty darn frank when it comes to communicating.

Here are some thoughts to ponder before responding to the invite-

1. What is my motivation for volunteering? Is it another excuse to get out of the house? Am I trying to impress someone who works for that organization? OR- duh, do I really want to help this particular organization or person?

2. Time? Do you really have the time to commit? Will it go on your resume but you’ll never be able to actually attend any functions or participate on any committees?

3. Money- Can this organization take my money instead of my time? What is it that they expect from me?

4. Organization expectations- Are they expecting loads of time, strategic planning and intense effort requiring 20 hours a week? Are they really seeking a networker and cheerleader that can bring other people into the fold to give a much smaller amount of time? Are they looking for perfection? Are deadlines a matter of life or death?

These are all valid questions.. and certainly, there are more. This is something that I’m invested in.. both at my alma mater and my professional association. However, I am very honest with these folks. If I can’t do it.. I can’t do it. I communicate very clearly about my time constraints (family, house, full-time job). I expect the same back from their leadership.

More on this soon..

What happens when turnover happens?

What is the impact of turnover – staff retention issues in your workplace? Does it mean more opportunity for you to shine? Or perhaps add more responsibility for same pay? Or, is it a real downer? What does it mean if it is seems to be a more constant issue than not?

These are important questions- because we are human. We are bound to respond differently based on our experience, our expectations and our environment.

I’m experiencing the 12 foot wall of water at the beach with only a 10 foot wall to protect me… What I mean by this is.. Yes, I’m going to get wet. I’m probably not going to drown.. but I may be uncomfortable for some time… either til the storm subsides or I’m able to get away from the beach!

This is my new experience. New job- started in March. First two weeks, immediate supervisor is out of the country; third week, in office; fourth week on travel for 10 days; fifth week, back in office for 3 days…then takes a 30 day leave of absence; today- submits resignation and is not coming back.

Whoa. So the questions I raise at the beginning of this post.. are as much for me as for anyone else.

Yet.. there are at least two more 12foot waves coming– the new supervisor and their expectations and the one down the road; executives that don’t need or want admins.– this second one is a topic for another blog, but I did meet two executives in board meetings this past week that did not see the value in having an executive assistant or admin. Hmmmm.

So ..lots to write about.. so stay tuned. First, my friends.. I have to get through my 20 year college reunion!!