Lamenting the ‘Lame’ Admin

I’m a bit annoyed..perhaps even angry or perhaps frustrated is the better word.

I’ve simply heard too many stories about admins that just don’t give a crap.  These are the complaints I hear.

  • They leave right at 5 even if they know their boss is headed out on travel. 
  • They do the bare minimum to meet their job requirements because ? (100 reasons to be shared later)
  • They don’t make deadlines
  • They book their boss in an window seat when they know he is 6’7.
  • They are quick to share entirely too much personal information and/or personal drama
  • They are inconsistent in their product delivery: Super competent and helpful to those staff members they like, not so much with others.
  • They don’t plan ahead for potential issues
  • They are not respectful of their peers or their supervisor
  • They are quick to blame others or completely in denial about their role in the office
  • They don’t research solutions to a problem before bringing it to their supervisor

Of course, my theory is that these types of admins don’t really want to be admins. (*See bullet 2)  They really tick me off.  They RUIN the field for those of us that do give a crap and take pride in our work.  I’ve even heard admins say— ‘Oh, I don’t want to be an admin, but that’s all I can get.’  UGGGH! 
Get out of my chosen career field.  Leave.  Don’t look back.  You are annoying and lame.

Professional admins get it.  We show up early or close to on-time every day. We’re well aware of major projects or issues on the calendar at work and prep accordingly.  We’re helpful and resourceful.  We KNOW our role. Our role is to provide administrative support for staff and executives so that they spend more time making the company profitable (Hence, I get to keep my job and my paycheck).. and less time trying to find out why they can’t find a file.  We’re the equivalent of a keyboard shortcut.  We are the MACRO in the office workflow.

If you have an ego problem with your title and/or your role as an admin– guess what? You are the problem.  Seek the employment you truly want or change your approach to being an admin.  I’ve found that many executives and project teams would be thrilled with an admin that is competent, reliable, willing to ask questions, willing to put in a little extra time to pitch in…. Sounds to me like they are asking for a teammate, not a waterboy.

2007 DE-MD-DC Division Annual Meeting

Well, I know Pride.. can be a sin.. but.. can one be PROUD?

My chaptermates for IAAP have worked long and hard– and including our fantastic Associate Members… getting us ready for the big meeting weekend.

One of the skills that has emerged– and I’d say, for the majority of us, is a finely-honed skill of detail management and time management.

We all have busy lives, caring for children, grandchildren, parents — or just needy bosses.. Plus, we have obligations either to other social organizations or our churches or synagogues….. Add to that .. birthdays, Prom Season, Mother’s Day.. College Graduations… graduation parties.. weddings.. baby showers.. you see where I”m going.

Key to the success for our team- was the ability to not OWN a specific function- but for us to hand off- when necessary.

In otherwords, Ask for Help… Admit when we were needing help, Saying No.. can’t do this week, but I can do that week.. etc…

The respect among us that we recognized and understood all of individual obligations as employees/parents etc and there was no finger pointing that I’m aware of.. We just passed stuff like HOT potato as we needed… and it was a beautiful symphony of work…

I am so proud of Capital Chapter Members………We Rock!